Socialize with me Monday Till Sunday!

First of all, sorry this is so late. We just got back from an awesome Disneyland weekend get-a-way! It was so fun! I can't wait to post some of the things we did!

Thanks for socializing with me this week and sharing your outstanding projects. You ladies are so creative!

Here's a few that I can't wait to do for myself... Click here to see the links from last week.

"Make the Best of things" had two outstanding ways to turn an ordinary glass vase into an amazing one


Oopsey Daisy had an adorable Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head that my girls can't wait to play with!


Keeping it Simple had a great way to display and store your girl's clip on bows. Perfect for my household.


Crystal's Crafts Spot came up with a clever way to re-purpose an embroidered piece.


Now, for this week's link party....

Socialize with me Monday til Sunday was created for those that do crafts (and then some) throughout the week and CAN'T wait for the next link party to show off :)

Yes, this link party is ONE week long! It will start every Monday and go til Sunday. Since it is a week long, a multiple of 10 max projects may be shared per blog per week.

The beginning of every new socialize with me party, I will recap a few of my favorites from the previous week.


-Add the "Socialize with me Mon. til Sun. Craft and THEN Some Link Party" button to your post so others can join the fun (button(s) are on the right hand side bar)
-To save us from having to search for your project, please link to your post and not your blog.
-We love to see something new; No repeats from the same blog please.
-Leave only positive and uplifting comments to participating links :)

So excited to see what you've been up to


  1. Thanks so much for featuring my vase posts on your linky party, that's too cool! And it looks like I am the first to link for this week's party, I'm not a creepy stalker chick, really. Your party is a fun place to be, glad you host it each week!

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I'm so glad to be here at yours! :) Thanks for the link party... can't wait to see all the cool stuff!

  3. Following you now, I always love a good link party. :O)

  4. i'm following you now, thanks for visiting my blog



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