Turning Bi-Fold Doors into Faux Barn Door {Tutorial}

I think I might not be alone here but I am still hooked on Pinterest. It took me a while to actually get on but now that I am, I'm constantly on there. I'm very selective on what I pin because I truly use it for personal use (if I don't "intend" on trying what I pin, I usually don't pin it). BUT, with that in mine, I have a VERY LONG to-do list now...

However, this weekend I was able to turn one of my "to-do" project into "DONE!" Here was my inspiration from Pinterest (found here)

AND here is my Faux Barn Doors for my Pantry.
I'm in love!

I'm also in love with Home Depot. I was able to complete this project for about $5... Grant, I had most of the supplies on hand.

Here's how I did it.... First, I picked up my supplies:

Two sheets of side panel {used for cabinets}--I actually got mine in the discount stash area for .51 each--usually they are about $10 each sheet
Wood glue (I had on hand)
Stain and paint brush (I had on hand) 
Black paint and sponge brush (I had on hand) 
Finish nails and hammer (I had on hand)
Hardware (I bought at Home Depot for about $2 each)
And of course, a Bi-Fold door.

Here is the before shot

Then you measure your bi fold doors, planed and cut the wood accordingly. Here was my layout. (each board was 3 in. wide and varied in length according to the plan below).
Lay it out to make sure everything fits

Stain wood (or paint).

Glue wood pieces down directly on the bi-fold... Let stain and glue dry.

Age the wood with light paint strokes (rubbing/wiping off with a rag)

Put the doors back on {I had to move my railing 1/4 in. back so the doors would slide more easily}

Add your hardware and then step back and admire your work :)

Here's the before and after again

I love it, but what do you think? ;)


{Re-vamped} Fabric Baby Wipe Tutorial

I've gotten quite a few interest in my fabric baby wipe cover pattern (thank you by the way!), BUT since I've posted that baby wipe cover, there has been some glitches with the outcome and I didn't want to pass on a product I wouldn't enjoy myself... These are the 3 problems I wanted to fix... 1) it didn't hold that many wipes 2) the fabric would absorb the moister from the wipes around the stitching and 3) the opening wasn't sealed enough to keep the wipes from getting dried out... SO, after racking my brain, researching and prototyping, I've finally came up with a pattern that will take care of all those problems. Instead of putting this pattern up for sale, I've decided to just post it here for free (since I like free patterns myself)... The only thing I ask you is to please use and love this pattern for personal use and/or gift giving only. (Please don’t re-sale the pattern or make and sale it for a profit—I’ve worked really hard on coming up with it). Thanks! :)

Here is my orginal tutorial for my baby wipe fabric cover

This is the re-vamped baby wipe fabric cover (I'll have to do something cute of the flap next time)

Now, with all that out of the way… Let’s get started.

First of all, you need to download and print off the pattern: page1 page2 page3 (make sure you open it via adobe reader or google docs and print off at 100%).

Next you need to gather your material:

~½ yard of fabric of your choice (or scraps of fabric)
~1 white trash bag (this will be your lining material)
~iron and ironing board
~wax paper
~12 inches of 1-2in Velcro
~Sewing machine, thread and scissors
~Some basic sewing know-how

*Always pre-wash your fabric, here’s why.

Open your trash bag and lay it flat on the iron board. Fold in half (long ways) and fuse together with iron between two piece of wax paper. *If you don’t know how to fuse plastic together, go here to watch a quick tutorial on YouTube.

After printing off your pattern, cut out your fabric and lining (the number of cuts per piece of material is written on the pattern)

Cut a little piece of Velcro (about ½ in. wide and 1-2 in. long) and sew one side to the front flap lining. Turn around and fuse some extra pieces of trash bag to the stitching to make water proof.

Take the front flap fabric and lining, right-sides together and sew ¼ in. around leaving the top open. Turn right-side out and fold an inward hem on the open side. Tape and set aside.

Turn front-A right-side down, fold cut flaps up to make a rectangular opening. Press and sew around opening.

Take the front flap and front-A, right-sides up and sew on the folded hem of the front flap to front-A, covering and centering over the rectangular opening. Sew the other side of the little piece of Velcro to front-A where it would connect to the Velcro piece on the front flap. Set aside.

Sew one side of the remaining Velcro to back flap lining. Flip over and fuse extra pieces of trash bag on stitching (to make water proof). Sew right-sides together the sides and top of the back flap lining and fabric. Turn right-side out and set aside.

Sew the other side of the remaining Velcro to back fabric, where the back flap would connect to the back (pretty much in the center). Take the back fabric and lining right-sides together and sew the top. Flip right-sides out and set aside.

Sew each pair of width sides (fabric and lining), right-sides together at the top. Flip right-side out and set aside.

Sew each pair of side flaps (fabric and lining), right-sides together at the top and side. Turn right-side out and set aside.

Take one pair of the length side (fabric and lining), right-sides together, and stich on both end sides (short sides). Turn right-side out and set aside.

Base 1/8 seam around each pair of cut material (fabric and lining).
Assemble the bag:
Use the pictures and quick description to follow the order of sewing.

Sew back flap to length side (without sewed edge), right-sides together. Make stitch along side farthest from Velcro

Right-sides together, sew front-A to other side of length side (without sewed edge). Make stitch along-side the folded sewn edge of front flap.

Sew other side of front-A (closest to the front flap opening) to length side (with the sewed edges)--length wise, right-sides together.

Right-sides together, sew back to length side

Sew pair of width side to opposite sides of front (with side flaps free)

Flip inside-out and sew the other side of width side to back, and then bottom width sides to bottom length side.

Fuse pieces of extra trash bag over stitching to make water proof.

Turn right-side out, fill with wipes, close and use! :)


{smarties graduating class necklace--idea and printable}

My oldest {graduated} from pre-school a couple of weeks ago. They had a cute little ceremony and as a {congratulation} gift to the kids in her class, we--my little grad and I--made these {Smarties} candy necklace with a tag that reads, "Here's to the class full of smarties! Congratulations." I unfortunately didn't plan on making a tutorial for these, so I didn't take pictures of the process... just the end result. It was pretty simple though--just tie the smarties ends together with ribbon and add the tag.
I'm adding a link to the tags in case you'd like to make them as well. {Click here to get the printable}

Leave a comment if you have any questions or you simply like the idea ;)

{framing a diploma with picture and tassel picture tutorial}

I finally matted and framed my husband’s diploma, graduation picture and tassel... {he graduated in 2009!} One reason, besides procrastination, was while searching to get it professionally done, I learned how EXPENSIVE it is to get all three framed {since it was considered “custom”}. SO, I waited, and waited for a good deal… No deal under $50 {Im cheap!}so I gave up and thought I would just scrapbook a page for him instead… Well, I didn't do that either SO in the spirit of graduation this time of year, I decided I would take a chance and Do-It-Myself. I actually {LOVE} how it came out and so does my “post graduate.”

{Final Project}

{Picture Tutorial}

As you noticed, I did make my own frame as well and will post a tutorial on that soon.
I know this tutorial is pretty to the point--without much detail... SO if you have any questions, please leave a comment and I'll get back to you as soon as possible :)


Scavenger Hunt Ideas for all ages

I recently found this website called Scavenger-Hunt-Fun.com. They have tons of different scavenger hunt ideas for many themes and all ages. The one I'm planning on using for my 14 days of Valentines is the "around the home poem clues" in their Indoor Scavenger Hunt---strictly because I don't want to wear out my husband too much when he gets home from work...

Simply write out the poems listed below on index cards and place them in their correct spot (which will be indicated by the previous clue... For example: lets say you start at the front door and give the "shower or bath tub poem/clue".... The finder will then go to the shower or bath tub and find their next poem/clue that might direct them to the master bedroom etc.)

Here's the clues provided by Scavenger Hunt Fun. Use them all or pick a few:
The shower or bathtub:
When you're feeling less than fresh
There's just one place to go
To wash and get all squeaky clean
and scrub between each toe. 

Boob tube, idiot box, eye, and telly
are names for this machine.
Oprah, House, and C.S.I.
on it are weekly seen.

This box is mostly filled with things
that rarely bring you glee
Like bills, and junk, and other stuff
you'd rather never see.

Dinning Room Table
The speed of life has made this furniture
a thing of fables,
But there were times when families.
once ate around these tables.

Washing Machine
It seems our clothes just keep returning
to this same machine.
At least they're better than the things
the ancients used to clean.

Up and down, and up and down
you climb these everyday.
You've likely seen the clue on these,
but passed it anyway.

When couples are well-organized
they park the car in here.
But otherwise it's full of junk
and not one inch is clear.

Communicate with family,
research, shop, and play games.
Since this invention swept the globe,
our lives have really changed.

Master Bedroom
The head of house retires here
to get some peace and rest.
Of all the rooms within the home
the master's room is best.

Thanks for stopping by!


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