14 days of Valentines~~Free Printable Cards and gift Ideas~~

Here's another free printable project I've been working on:
This was inspired by the "Fourteen Days of Valentines" found in the book Phenomenal Family by Mitzi Deeter (I recommend this book for all families, so many great ideas in it... love it!). I've changed a few of them but will write the original one's at the end of this post....
So here are the printable
-Click each link to view and print out.
-Cut and give to your spouse on the corespondent days (Starting February 1st). Read the gift ideas that go along with each day at the end of this post as well.

*NOTE: days 11-14 are not in order but they are all there.

Gifts that go long with these cards:

1st day:Back Message--Give a gift certificate for a message. IF you plan on doing it yourself, I've included a back message certificate.
2nd day:Sun Glasses--plays off the word "see" in the rhyming phrase.
3rd day: Cook their favorite meal
4th day: a sweet note in a bouquet of balloons (don't forget to include a pin to pop them)...Click here for a tutorial on how to do this
5th day: A piece of their favorite pie!
6th day: Give Hershey's hugs and kisses chocolates
7th day: A scavenger hunt with a surprise at the end... Click here for ideas on what to do.
8th day: Create a fun little pocket book with stories, pictures, drawings (whatever really) that show or tell your favorite memories of your sweetheart. I'll provide an idea later.
9th day: Detail Cleaning of their car. IF you plan on doing it yourself, I've included a detail car cleaning certificate.
10th day: A shirt your sweetheart will love.
11th day: Plan a date night
12th day: Get some of their favorite ice cream
13th day: Give your sweetheart a relaxing night
14th day: Provide a key that unlocks something that will show your love for your sweetheart (i.e. a bedroom, hotel room, a hope chest, hand cuffs lol, whatever your creative minds come up with.)

Here are the original one's written by Mitzi Deeter:
  • On the first day of Valentine's, I want you to know you are the best. Today you get a foot message. Sit down and take a rest!
  • On the second day of Valentine's, a gift to help you see that somebody really loves you, and that somebody is me. (purchase some new sunglasses)
  • On the third day of Valentine's, to show that you're the real deal, I'm taking you out on the town for your favorite meal. (Give a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant.)
  • On the fourth day of Valentine's, to let you know that you I treasure, my love for you is beyond measure. (Give him a bucket with a measuring tape and other tools that he needs.)
  • On the fifth day of Valentine's, it's true I cannot lie. You truly are my sweetie pie. (Make or buy him his favorite pie.)
  • On the sixth day of Valentine's, on my list of favorites you are on top.. Today to get your message, these balloons you must pop. (Give him a bouquet of balloons with a pin to pop. Put a message in the balloons like, "When it comes to being great, you really take the cake." Tie the balloon bouquet to a cake or some cupcakes.)
  • On the seventh day of Valentine's, don't think you've slipped my mind. Today your gift is one that you must find. (Send him on a treasure hunt, ending up with him finding you.)
  • On the eighth day of Valentine's, I scream, I scream, you know what I scream? I Love You! (Buy him a gift certificate for his favorite milkshake).
  • On the ninth day of Valentine's, it is my only wish that you will accept and return every hug and kiss. (Give him a bag of hugs and a bag of kisses.)
  • On the tenth day of Valentine's, to let you know you're way above the "bar," today you get a detail and cleaning of your car! (Purchase a gift certificate or coupon for a car detailing.)
  • On the eleventh day of Valentine's, Cupid's arrow has been shot. A date tonight to let you know that you are loved a lot! (Plan a spectacular date.)
  • On the twelfth day of Valentine's, my love for you does not lack. Today you get a shirt to cover up your back! (Give him a shirt that he will love.)
  • On the thirteenth day of Valentine's, to be married to you is just ducky. A ticket to watch (his favorite sports team) I hope today will be lucky! (Purchase tickets to go and watch a game together.)
  • On the fourteenth day of Valentine's, I want you to know that from the start, you have had the key to my heart, (Include a key to a hotel room for a night's stay.)

Hope this sparks up some fun ideas for Valentine's Day!
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  1. Girl, these are AMAZING! I can't thank you enough for sharing something that clearly took a TON of time! I am so excited to countdown to Valentine's Day with my Happy Hubby. You've blessed me so much!

  2. i have been searching the past few days for something just like this. thanks so much for posting! i did come up with one modification. my husband is such an accessorizer, he already has a ton of sunglasses so i decided to change the gift for day #2 to go "see" a movie (so i am going to give him movie tickets). i hope that's ok!

  3. Awesome! I will be using some of your ideas.

  4. Come check out my Romancing Your Husband post today! I think you will love it!


  5. So nice valentine day cards. I have seen different cards designing in the printing company. Have you visited any printing company?

  6. Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Bee Craft Inspirations, under the Page 5 post on Aug. 30, 2012. Thanks again.



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