Hair Bow Holder

I was inspired by Keeping it Simple's Ribbon Clip Holder. I knew I had to make one for my girls bathroom! Here's how mine came out.

These were so SIMPLE and fast to make, the hardest part was picking out my paper and the longest part was waiting for the paint to dry!

Here's how I did these:

First, you start with a plain wooden plack

Messure and cut out the paper to fit inside the plack's frame

Paint the rim of the plack, let dry.

Mod Podge the paper to the plack with the frame showing

(making sure to put a thin coat of Mod Podge over the whole front side of plack)

Add ribbon of your choice and pin them with upholstery nails (using a hammer)
I DID NOT pull my ribbon taunt for the purpose of easy access to the bows as well as easy to put them back on.



  1. CUTE! You have a cute blog. *follow*

    come check me out sometime


  2. What a great interpretation of this idea. Well done.



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