Earth Day

I know this is after the fact but here's what I did for Earth Day... Ideas for next year lol

For breakfast, I made earth pancakes: (not perfect but hey, they're pancakes)
My daughter LOVES pancakes

Click here to see how I did this

For our activity today, we learned about the word "Nature" (my girls are under 3). I gave them a  brown paper bag and sent them outside to fill it up with nature items. They were WAY excited to do this (figures, the simplest things). Here are a couple of pictures of them (we had friends over).

After we were done, we brought them in, showed each other what we collected, and turned our brown paper bags into "Nature Books".
We colored on white paper and taped on the flowers and leafs we found.

For dinner we had chicken pillows (earth).
brown rice (sand)
broccoli heads (trees)
and blue cool aid with cantaloupe fish (water).
For desert we had, of course, mud and worm pies in water bottle bottoms.... It was fun :)

click here for the recipes for a Earth Day Dinner

Click here to see how I made the cantaloupe fish.

Click here to get this recipe

For the table setting, I just put brown paper bags down with river rocks in the middle, the water and fish cool aid was the perfect centerpiece.

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