Earth Day Dinner

Chicken pillow is a recipe that was given to me by a friend:

What you need:
1 package of refrigerated Croissant rolls
2 Chicken breast halves, cooked and shredded
1 tsp Peprika (or seasoning of your choice)
1 8oz package of cream cheese, room temperature
2 Tbs of butter, melted
baking sheet
basing brush

What you do: (so simple)
Cream the cream cheese, add chicken and peprika, mix well.
Open up the croissant rolls and take each triangle (making 1 chicken pill): flatten in your hand, add 2 tablespoons of chicken mixture, wrap with the triangle tips and cup in your hands to form into a circle, place on baking sheet, base with melted butter and bake for 13-15 minuets in a 375 degree oven. (Until croissants are cook and lightly browned)

They're so simple and yummy. Add favorite veggies into the chicken mixture. Add flavored bread crumbs for a crunchy outside.

To make the Broccoli Trees you'll need to steam the broccoli heads standing up in a big pot for about 5-7 minuet... (Once the broccoli is bright green). I steam my broccoli in chicken stock and a little salt for flavor.
Usually you put the cooked broccoli in an ice bath to stop them from cooking, but I like my chicken stock flavor too much to do that :)

How I make my brown rice is by following the cooking instructions on the rice package but use chicken stock instead of water. I also add sliced ginger root and Extra virgin olive oil instead of butter

For the Juice I make blue cool aid and add frozen cantaloupe fish. Click here to see how I make these.

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