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Here's an idea for this months Visiting Teaching message, Our Responsibility to Nurture the Rising Generation.

For a Treat : make Caramel Apples... YUMM!

Allrecipes.com has an easy recipe for Caramel Apples

---------------------Here's what the Card Says----------------------

A Recipe for Nurturing the Rising Generation

1 C. Principles (found on the Family Proclamation)
1 C. Doctrine (from Scriptures and Revelation)
1 T. of L.O.V.E
Dash of Patience and Understanding

Combine Principles with Doctrine. Add L.O.V.E, Patience and Understanding. Stir well and let rise.... generation (will) form a family, teach that family, and prepare that family for ordinances and covenants---and then the next generation will teach the next and so on.

Without nurturing, our rising generation could be in danger of becoming like the one described in Mosiah 26... Our Rising generation could likewise be led away if they don't understand their part in Heavenly Father's plan.
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