Wow! It's been so crazy around here with us all getting sick, our ward splitting to create a new ward, preparing for our vacation next week (and other things); I haven't been able to post any new crafts/activities that I've been up to, so.... Here's an update on things I've done or are in the middle of right now...

For my girls:
I finally finished my daughters bedding AND cubby bed frame....

Now I just need some nice baskets

I saw this design at Michaels and knew I had to do one for both of my daughter's names


Silhouette's are pretty popular right now so I took pictures of my girl's profile and (using my photoshop) made their silhouette's


I also spelt out "sister" and placed each letter in a basket to display over their closet


And yes, there's more where that came from:

My laundry room:

I made this curtin out of left over material (white bed sheet)


I framed teddy's clothes to add some decor to the empty wall



Now on to things I'm in the middle of...

-a Simpson Household Rule board
-a wall decor for my bedroom
-I'm also trying to learn how to do my own acrylic nails

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