Unexpected Material Wall Decor

I've been in the process of decorating our first home. It's been a fun but daunting task when it comes to finding something I love but with a price tag I wasn't willing to pay...So... I had to get creative and do things DIY style, but I've loved how things worked out.

One day while eating breakfast, I noticed how empty the top of my kitchen cabinets looked. I knew I had to do something about that.

I of course googled "decor for the top of kitchen cabinets" and hit images. I didn't find exactly what I wanted, although found great ideas. I got a little bit more specific, hoping I would find my inspiration. I changed my search to "kitchen decor". I finally found this picture
I love the plates over the stove and thought that would be perfect for my empty space over my cabinets. Unfortunately I couldn't find cute plates that I loved with the price tag I was willing to pay for... So I thought "what can I do with things I already have"
I was trying to find a cute project to do with my daughter using paper towels/toilet paper rolls...So I googled again.

I came across this CUTE idea using toilet paper rolls.

Perfect! So I started saving my toilet/paper towel rolls.

I also came across this picture that I loved.

Okay, so I now have my inspiration...So FINALLY, here's what I came up with....

I used toilet/paper towel rolls, glue gun and red spray paint for this one

I cut the tubes into 1 in circles, pinched them to make them form a petal. I then hot glued them together in a circular form.
For this one, I used vertical blind panels (only because I had some laying around from breaking off), hot glue, and red spray paint.

I made a flower pedal template, traced it on the material, hot glue them together, then spray paint it...
(The baskets were bought at the dollor tree and spray painted red as well).


  1. That photo comes from a blog called Crafty Nest http://www.craftynest.com/2009/01/handmade-stencils-and-silhouettes/ :)

  2. Thank you!! :) I'm going to link it right now.



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