Scavenger Hunt Ideas for all ages

I recently found this website called Scavenger-Hunt-Fun.com. They have tons of different scavenger hunt ideas for many themes and all ages. The one I'm planning on using for my 14 days of Valentines is the "around the home poem clues" in their Indoor Scavenger Hunt---strictly because I don't want to wear out my husband too much when he gets home from work...

Simply write out the poems listed below on index cards and place them in their correct spot (which will be indicated by the previous clue... For example: lets say you start at the front door and give the "shower or bath tub poem/clue".... The finder will then go to the shower or bath tub and find their next poem/clue that might direct them to the master bedroom etc.)

Here's the clues provided by Scavenger Hunt Fun. Use them all or pick a few:
The shower or bathtub:
When you're feeling less than fresh
There's just one place to go
To wash and get all squeaky clean
and scrub between each toe. 

Boob tube, idiot box, eye, and telly
are names for this machine.
Oprah, House, and C.S.I.
on it are weekly seen.

This box is mostly filled with things
that rarely bring you glee
Like bills, and junk, and other stuff
you'd rather never see.

Dinning Room Table
The speed of life has made this furniture
a thing of fables,
But there were times when families.
once ate around these tables.

Washing Machine
It seems our clothes just keep returning
to this same machine.
At least they're better than the things
the ancients used to clean.

Up and down, and up and down
you climb these everyday.
You've likely seen the clue on these,
but passed it anyway.

When couples are well-organized
they park the car in here.
But otherwise it's full of junk
and not one inch is clear.

Communicate with family,
research, shop, and play games.
Since this invention swept the globe,
our lives have really changed.

Master Bedroom
The head of house retires here
to get some peace and rest.
Of all the rooms within the home
the master's room is best.

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  1. Thanks for the scavenger hunt web site! I love the idea and plan to incorporate it into a few holidays!

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