Mega Swag Bucks Day

This is NOT a gimmick!!
I know a lot, if not all of you, see this all the time. If you're are a member already, then you know the rewards. BUT if you're not.... Sign up today!!! All you need to do is enter your name, email, zip code, read and except the terms and conditions, create a password and you're on your way to earning free stuff (plus if you sign up here you get 30 extra points).
Search & Win

"How does it work?" You might ask. Well, you can earn points by doing a number of things:
1) You can simply SEARCH the Internet (things you normally would search for on google or bling)
2) Sign up with SPECIAL OFFERS such as sign up to get free coupons via email, check to see if you can save money by switching auto insurances...etc.
3)Look up NOSO and see what special offers you can simply sign up for to earn points
4) SHOP ONLINE with participating stores and earn 2 swagbucks for EVERY dollar you spend!!
5) Complete TRUSTED SURVEYS and earn.
6)TRADE in old phones, games, books and more to earn
7) Fill out POLLS and earn
"Okay, so what kinda things can I earn?"
Here's the categories at their swagstore:
Apparel & Accessories
Books & Magazines
Consoles & Video games
Digital Wallpaper
For the Kids
Gift & Reward Cards
Health & Beauty
Movies & TV
Posters & Prints
School Supplies
Sport & Collectibles
Trading cards

The best thing to do is sign up and check it out

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