Pillow Case Little Girl Sun Dress

This has to be the easiest way to make a little girls dress! It's made out of a pillow case which means most of the sewing is done (that's my kind of sewing!)
Here's how it turned out:

See this for the first time, I would be like, "NO that looks way too complicated (for me!)"
But OH how I was wrong! Love it!
First I started with a pillow case (I found these matching ones at the thrift store for $2...perfect!)
Then I put one against my daughter to see how much I needed to cut from the top (not professional, I know, but it worked)  :)
I love the edging

What I did was:
Cuffed the top to make a clean edge and sew with elastic thread
shirred the fabric on top:
read how to do this here or on back of the package that held the elastic thread--(at least that's what I did). 
You pretty much have the dress done (and it took what, maybe 10 min?), but I wanted to add a little bit of a sleeve. The easiest way to do this is make a strap and add a cap sleeve (I did two tear like shapes and made them into a tulip sleeve---made it up, so not perfect)
 Pin and sew to dress... 
Then your done!
 I know my daughter loves it because she didn't want to take it off. Good thing it wasn't hard to do or expensive because if it was.....She would NOT be playing in it outside!.... :)

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  1. I think this is the cutest pillowcase dress I've seen so far!

  2. I am following you back! Thanks so much for the follow! And what a score on those pillow cases! Very cute! I love pillow case dresses they are so easy to make!

  3. Be sure to check my post tomorrow --you are a winner.


  4. Amazing! I've seen some pillowcase dresses where it was really obvious it was a pillowcase but yours is stunning. No way I would have guessed it was a pillowcase, it looks like an expensive dress from a high end children's store. Great work!

  5. Oh' the dress is so cute! You did a wonderful job.


  6. thank you for linking up to MMM! I'm featuring you on Wed!!

  7. That is absolutely adorable!!!

    Enjoy these 'dressy' days! Before you know it she'll be 10...and won't want to wear dresses anymore. :(

  8. Adorable! Lucky you to score pillowcases with such dainty detailing. The sleeves were perfect :)

  9. This makes me want to go to Goodwill right now to look for a pillowcase! Such a cute dress.

  10. wow that is such a pretty dress. I love all of the pretty details.

  11. This has to be one of the sweetest pillowcase dresses I've ever seen. Fantastic job!

  12. That turned out really cute! If only I could find a pillowcase exactly like that one. I love the little sleeve you added to it.

  13. There are so many pillow case dresses out there, but yours is simply charming and unique! I love it!




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