Make your own Box Letters!

I was SO excited to find THIS tutorial on how to make those famous letters you find at craft stores (but never in the size or font you want)! Thank you Christy from Christy's Creative Chaos for sharing!... I've already put it to use!... In my laundry room... I'm moving on to my craft room/guest room next:) I tried simple block letters this time but feel ready to try some fun curvy letters next time!
So excited!

Here's pictures of how I did it (but if you would like a tutorial, check out Christy's.

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  1. Another friday's favorite~
    I just wish I'd seen this last week... before I bought $20 worth of letters!

  2. Your letters came out cool, I love the different textures you used. Christy is my daughter and she gave me a variety of "A"s for my birthday in different fonts. Thanks for giving her a shout out! I think she needs to do BIG LETTERS, don't you? Maybe 16"+ tall?

  3. Omigosh those letters are flippin' awesome! Just found your website and am your newest follower! :o)

  4. I love this! Such a cute laundry room idea. I need to make a bunch of these letters.

  5. Those look great! Thanks for joining us this week!



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