Socialize with me Monday til Sunday Link Party

Welcome to a new week of Socialize with me Monday til Sunday! I've been working on a new idea. I can't wait till it's finish! I'll be out of town this week so I most likely wont be able to finish it til I come home next week :( But I'm hoping it will help some of you with gifts. I'm also working of collecting Christmas gift ideas and free or next to free online gifts ideas! :)

Simpsonized Crafts

For those that are new to Socialize with Me Monday til Sunday:

Socialize with me Monday til Sunday was created for those that do crafts (and then some) throughout the week and CAN'T wait for the next link party to show off :

Yes, this link party is ONE week long! It will start every Monday and go til Sunday. Since it is a week long, a multiple of 10 max projects may be shared per blog per week.

 I will recap a few of my favorites from the previous week.


-Add the "Socialize with me Mon. til Sun. Craft and THEN Some Link Party" button to your post so others can join the fun
-To save us from having to search for your project, please link to your post and not your blog.
-We love to see something new; No repeats from the same blog please.
-Leave only positive and uplifting comments to participating links :)

Happy Socializing!


  1. Thanks for hosting! Have a great Thanksgiving :)

  2. hey audra, i had a question about the ABC book you have on your blog...the pages are listed as pdfs with two to a page but i wanted to print it at a photo lab, each page it's own photo, is there a way i could get the pages in a jpg format, or is there a way that you know of for me to split them out of the pdf and make them a jpg or another format to print them??? just wondering, any info. you could give me would be so much appreciated! thank you! myhedwig at gmail dot com

  3. I was just stopping by to see if you would like to swap blogs with me? Let me know :)
    blog: http://iamonly1woman.blogspot.com

    email boblyns at yahoo dot com

  4. Hello ...Can you please spare a little bit of your time for my new post, its something different I hope you enjoyed



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