And Then Some... Confessions

Okay ladies, I have a confession to make. I spent over $1600.00 on food the last two months. That's WAY too much money for groceries and going out to eat--(ESPECIALLY for a small family of 4---my husband, myself and my two LITTLE girls). I couldn't believe it when my husband told me. I said "No way! I couldn't have!!"... Well, we did some investigation and it turned out it WAS me. I was so sad and frustrated because 1) I didn't log it, so I had no idea what I spent it on, and 2) my fridge and pantry didn't show for it; if anything, it looked more bare then it ever looked. That can't happen again. SO, I turned this into a lesson and made it an opportunity to learn how to save money.

I really starting thinking of all my shopping experience and determined my shopping personality: I'm an impulse buyer:
             Attractive boxes get me all the time. I grab and drop right into my basket without thinking if I need it or want it. I walk up and down the isles to make sure I didn't forget to buy anything (which makes me buy MORE). I go to the store multiple times a week (and usually the same store). AND I freely used my debit card and don't log it down.... Now, it sounds like I'm made of money, BUT I'm NOT!!--- which makes this more of a problem, and now it's on my priority list of things to fix.... SO, that's why I haven't posted a craft this week--So sorry.

So, here's a couple things I've done so far:
First, I bought and started reading "Live Your Life for Half the Price" by Lyle and Tracy Shamo
I know, I bought something else, but it really is a good book. So far, it has given me some great pointers and is full of money saving ideas... Plus, it was 71% off, so I paid $5 for it! Can't beat that!! I bought it from Seagull Bookstore. Click here to purchase it online.

Second, I searched blogger to find some "Saving" blogs. Here's a few I follow or subscribe to:

- Just Trying To Save Money
- Coupons are Great
- Money Saving Mom
- The Krazy Coupon Lady
- Becentsable
- The Coupon High

*If you know any other good ones, please leave a comment with the link, I'd love to check it out.

Third, I vowed to do my grocery saving homework: Look through ALL the grocery ads that come in the mail (every Tuesday), make a meal plan using the items on sale, look up-print out-cut out coupons (I find mine at Coupon.com), and price match the best deal (WalMart price matches!). Yes, this is a daunting task, and takes up SO much time, especially when first learning how to, BUT it has been SO rewarding. Seriously, I'm in LOVE with saving the most money I can. It has given me SO much gratification and pride.

Luckily for me, I'm super close to three grocery stores (Albertson's, Fry's, and Fresh & Easy), so, it's not point less for me to shop at all three. Plus, I can always match price at WalMart Supercenter which is nice.

Fourth, I use or buy with my reward cards: (If I gotta buy it anyway, why not)! There's tons of reward programs out there (For FREE!)... Here's a few that I do:

-Fry's Rewards (A lot of Grocery stores have these, check at your local store for more information)
-Huggies Enjoy the ride rewards.
-Swag Bucks Search & Win
-Staples Rewards

Fifth, Look and take advantage of Freebies:

-Birthday Freebies (they work, I've done them!)


So, there are some things I've done so far to save, and let me tell you, it's been SO worth it!
Already, I've purchased my food, house supplies, baby items AND hygiene items to last us AT LEAST two weeks  (with items to spare and add to our storage):

items purchased: 89
Purchase amount:$159.04 (that's like paying $1.79 for each item)
Savings: $82.69

I love saving money... Now, off to Joann's to save some more lol... Really!-They're have their famous paper sale- 5 for $0.96! YAH!!


  1. A GREAT site for couponing is afullcup.com
    Some of the women are there are coupon geniouses and share their tricks with everyone!!
    They break it down by grocery store and then even tell you where to find the coupons to get the deals!!
    Thanks for the links to the savings blogs! I'm always looking for new ways to stretch that dollar a little farther!

  2. Thanks for passing along your favorite sites.



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