Tank Redue...Fit for a Princess!

(I wish I took a picture with just them in their outfits! Man!---This is the best picture of both of them...Sad I know. Don't mind me)

Here's how I made my girl's shirts that they wore at Disneyland this last weekend:

To make one:

First, you start off with a plain tank (any color you want)

Then you get trimming. (I used ribbon--blue and white poke-a-dots, plain white and pink tulle)

To make the cap sleeves, I cut two pieces of ribbon (measured the length of my daughter's neck to her shoulder), cut the tulle twice the size of the ribbon and pleat the tulle behind the ribbon. Pin.

To center the cap sleeve, fold the ribbon in half and make a light crease. Using the crease as a guide, place in the center shoulder line of tank. Pin and sew.

To make the ruffles, I cut the ribbon and tulle twice the size of the tank (with wise). Start at one side seam and go across to the other. Ruffle, pin and sew alternating ribbon and tulle until desired look is achieved.

I added a flower with extra ribbon and tulle by forming the ribbon into a circle shape and twisted the tulle in a spiral for the middle. Pin and sew in a zig-zag.

My girls looked so cute in these and had several complements while at Disneyland :)



  1. Adorable!!! I'm sure that every little girl would love thiS!

  2. awww that is too cute!

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