Kids Brag Board

I saw a "look what I did" board at my friends house and knew I HAD to make one for myself.
Here's how mine turned out and how I did it...


First you need a board... Whatever size you want.
Paint it black and let dry.

Cut out and paste on a board. (I used my cricut)

Cut out and glue a strip of paper for the middle

Cut out and paste on letter to spell out what you would like your board to say. (I used the cricut again)

Mod Podge the top. Let dry.

Get the number of clamps of your choice. (I bought mine at the Dollar Tree)

Mod Podge the face of the clamp with matching scrapbook paper.

Hot glue clamps on the board, placing as desire. Add emblishments of your choice (I used twine and buttons)

Add saw tooth hanging bracket to the back corners and hang up!

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