Missionary Scrapbook Cover

This was a Christmas gift I made for my husband 4 years ago (boyfriend then). I love the idea but not in love with how I did it.... I mean I used fabric from a dress I owned (so it was stretchy material---pain!), I cut a piece of my prom dress for the tie (yes, I wore periwinkle), and the shirt collar was, again from my closet.... SO, I promised him I would make a new one (even though he loved this one), this time using appropriate fabric:

Although I plan on doing another one, the idea is still the same. I'll be sure to make a tutorial when I actually do it (4 years later lol).

I even lined it with the liner from my dress hahaha:
Yes, the scrapbook is still empty... I know, lame. I have a lot of catching up to do.

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  1. I think this looks AWESOME!! I am gathering ideas for my son who just reported to the MTC this week. :o)

    Thought I'd start now!! lol Thanks for the great idea.



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