Cinco De Mayo piñata

So, this is what I've been busy with this week, amongst other things... A donkey piñata that we named pinto bean... It was simple and fun to do; it just took a lot longer to decorate him than I planed on.
Here's how you make a donkey piñata (the same concept for any piñata).

Here's what you'll need:

Balloons (I used water balloons)
Heavy Paper (I used brown paper wrapping paper)
2 Paper towel rolls OR 4 toilet paper rolls
Newspaper cut up into 2 in strips
Glue water (1 C flour mixed with 2 C water)
Crepe paper rolls (I used green, white and red)
Tacky glue
Google eyes

Here's how I did it.
First I formed the donkey's body by blowing up balloons and wrapping them in brown paper wrapping paper

Then I added the toilet paper rolls to make legs

I made the neck/head, ears and nose by doing the same thing that I did for the body.

Next we took the strips of newspaper, dipped it into the glue water and applied it to the donkey (our hands were too messy to take pictures but here are pictures of how it looked after we cleaned up):

We did the top first

Then turned it on it back and did it's stomach

The sun dried it up fast!
Once it was completely dried and harden we took it in and made an opening for the candy and poped the balloons from the inside:

Now to decorate it...
I took the crepe paper rolls and cut them in small squares

I then took the glue and, in sections, put it on the donkey. Add the crepe paper squares using the eraser side of the pencil

Then add the google eyes and a few strips of crepe paper for the tail... Here he is:

I wonder how she's going to act when we hit him for some candy? Maybe we shouldn't have named him lol.


  1. Who would have ever thought to make their own pinata? Wow.

  2. I saw your cute daughter in her cinco de mayo dress, which was adorable...then saw that you had made a pinata! When I saw her kissing it, I thought, there will be problems...were there?
    So sweet, what a good momma!

  3. Yeah, she didn't want to hit him with a bat so we saved him :)
    He's now apart of our decoration for cinco de mayo. lol



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